Raising Wisdom

“Raising Wisdom” by Kim Normand Dobrin, the Founder/Executive Director of non-profit organization Tomorrow Trust was launched in October 2011. Around the world more than half the population is under 16 years old. Are we hearing their voices and making choices as adults that will positively impact their lives, their world and their future?

This book is an opportunity to hear the dreams, visions and wishes of our youth. The question is what are we doing about real problems in the world today? What actions will generations truly appreciate and judge you by? What changes will your actions and choices make? Drawing “wisdom from celebrities such as Anthony Hopkins, Russell Simmons, Fran Drescher and Hugh Masekela (to name a few) this book asks us to hear the voices of our youth, and make choices that will positively impact their lives, their world and future. Focused on conversations surrounding the challenges facing our youth, “Raising Wisdom” asks us what we will impress and deliver for our children. Introduction written by Professor Mervyn King and Foreword written by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

A Mother's Legacy

This book is a beautiful dedication to the spirit of love that sustains us through our mothers. Kim Normand Feinberg has written an important and extraordinary book that will arouse authentic compassion and healing from the depths of your soul. Women infected with HIV/AIDS have come forward with courage to take a stand against a disease that no one wants to expose and talk about due to the stigma that it carries.

It is about the extraordinary bond between a mother and a child. It deals with what a mother and a woman represents both to her family and to society as a whole. It shows the extent that a mother will go to, to ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of her child no matter what her circumstances are. It emphasizes the concerns that she harbours. In this book you will share the dreams, wishes and messages of mothers to their children and the world. You will transcend into the real-life experiences of mothers and their battle with a disease and learn how they sustained and nurtured themselves in the face of seeming hopelessness and desperation – this book is an inspiration for all of us and teaches us about hope and love no matter what problems we face daily.


This book is a glimpse into the lives of children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. It is a window into the world of orphans and vulnerable children that indicate the challenges they face daily. The book is a collection of interviews conducted orally that asks probing and intimate questions about their lives. The children gave of themselves in an open and honest manner allowing us the opportunity to share in their thoughts and dreams. They are inspirational and heart warming. They put our lives into perspective and clarify our priorities. The children had the opportunity to speak and share, sometimes for the first time, of their innermost feelings. They tell of their experiences in their own words in their own unique way.

Freeing Freddie - the Dream Weaver book range


Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver is an inspiring and beautifully illustrated book that captivates audiences through a boy named Freddie who lives in a magical rainforest. The reader is taken on a journey of discovery with Freddie as he meets Mr Cotton the giant friendly spider who teaches him how to let go his fears and create the life of his dreams.
The book is filled with life lessons that children and adults can relate to.
The Freeing Freddie book range provides tools to enhance the conscious development of children and youth in a fun manner







The Purpose of this workbook is to show you how to let go of your fears and to empower you in creating your own magical dreams. This special workbook is like no other – it works alongside the “Freeing Freddie – the Dream Weaver” reading book as well as a stand alone. The book is a dynamic tool with a USB enclosed that contains visualisations to listen to at your own leisure taking you on a journey of self discovery to access your dreams and to let go of anything that is holding you back. The exercises are practical and easy to do – they are fun, insightful and filled with joy. We know that you will create a life filled with dreams for yourself and others.






Freeing Freddie – The Dream Weaver Ultimate Activity book is a fun filled book with activities for children of all ages. This special activity book has practical tools to support children with how to deal with their fears and to show them how best to build magical dreams. It has baking, puzzles and crafts; colouring in and activity stickers all included. It works with the Freeing Freddie – The Dream Weaver reading book as well as it can be enjoyed alone.