Tomorrow Trust celebrates it’s 10th birthday


Tomorrow Trust held a gala dinner on the 13th of October 2015, which was sponsored by our partner Cell C. The main aim of the gala dinner was to thank all our partners and donors for making the past 10 years a success. The Tomorrow Trust’ journey has been one filled with both challenges, exciting moments, and a lot of impact on our 2000 beneficiaries. The reality of turning 10 has given us courage to push forward and knock on more doors; affording us more opportunities to continue changing lives of our children and youth.

The Gala was such a success, and all our expectations were exceedingly met. The Gala dinner gave us an opportunity to have all our partners, donors, and friends congregated in one room, who all share a common vision for the children and youth of South Africa. We were able to showcase what we have achieved in only 10 years. Our Holiday School learners made us proud, they serenaded the guest with two beautiful songs. The Post – Secondary students eloquently shared with our guests who they are and what they are studying. It was a special moment when Kim called onto the stage a few alumni, who are a testament to the success of the Tomorrow Trust model of excellence.

When the world makes you feel insecure…

When the world makes you feel insecure …

There are those days when the universe sends you a message that you are just not good enough! You are not doing enough!

It takes a moment to realize the universe had nothing to do with it! Something tapped into a spot within you that triggered an insecurity. 

As much as we believe we have worked through so much in our lives there are still layers that we have not penetrated. As we grow up there are times that leave their mark on our psyche and emotions. 

It is when these are triggered that we need to draw from our inner strength and wisdom that supports our knowing. No one can make us feel bad or insecure if we hold ourselves with integrity, vulnerability and authenticity. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Every being has life challenges. This is simply the human journey. 

Try love and compassion – it’s the only way to dissipate fear and insecurity.  

Lessons Learnt From My Children

It is assumed that when we become parents we will embrace the role of educator, psychologist, carer, coach and many other roles. As we give birth all of these skills will magically arise within us. The years that we have spent searching for our own views and purpose will dissolve into a confirmed all-knowing being.

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Society Dictates Daily To Us

We are told what to do; how to do it; what to wear; who to talk to and what would make us a good acceptable person. We strive to meet these expectations. We change our ideas; we change our dress and we keep our views quiet in case they are not acceptable. After all we don’t want to be shunned in any way – do we?

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Being at Skoll

This journey always starts with trepidation – will I actually be invited? Will that much desired invitation appear in my inbox? To receive an invitation to attend Skoll is the first aspect to the excitement. When it arrives my blood pressure raises and all of a sudden the journey begins.

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