Lessons Learnt From My Children

It is assumed that when we become parents we will embrace the role of educator, psychologist, carer, coach and many other roles. As we give birth all of these skills will magically arise within us. The years that we have spent searching for our own views and purpose will dissolve into a confirmed all-knowing being.

Yes right ! and who told us this? Or perhaps no one told us anything at all. It was taken for granted that you will marry, have children and know what you should and will do.

We are thrown into a frenzy as we learn on our feet at each stage of our children’s lives. As they grow up so do we. The baffling aspect to all this is that we think the 2nd and 3rd will be easier as we have learnt so much the first time around. We find that each child is different; asking for a totally different set of rules and for a completely different parent of you!

With all this said there were times when I felt happy, desperate, angry, disappointed and filled with the greatest love and joy as the years unfolded. I have grown as I would never had been able to do without the greatest teachers of all – my children!

I have learnt that love means patience and compassion even when I am seething. I have learnt that no matter how weak I feel I will find the strength to do what I need to do for each one of them. The fact that I do not always have the answer means that I will find out and research until I have a full understanding no matter what. The fact that I am a woman means that I have internal resources that I had no idea I had when I started this journey. When I look at what brings me meaning in my life it is all attached somehow to my children and the woman that they make me want to be.

I am stronger and far more resilient. Looking at my children I know that by the Grace of Gd I have been  a part of and witnessed 2 very remarkable journeys. It is through all the joys and fears; the pushing and pulling that I have learnt to be. I have learnt that it is alright not to be always right and to own the fact that I can’t do everything is powerful in itself.

Most of all I have learnt that no matter where I am or what I am doing, who I am with or how old I am, my love for my children is there past, present and future. It is a part of my inner being and soul. It is the most real, unconditional and focused force that I as a mother, friend and guardian can give.

I am both honored and humbled with the fact that I was given the greatest opportunity of all – To be a mother.

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