Society Dictates Daily To Us

We are told what to do; how to do it; what to wear; who to talk to and what would make us a good acceptable person. We strive to meet these expectations. We change our ideas; we change our dress and we keep our views quiet in case they are not acceptable. After all we don’t want to be shunned in any way – do we?

So what makes us a good person?

It really has nothing to do with what we wear or what title we hold at work. Our hair and makeup or the way we dress means little, as when we take it off we are still the same ol person that put them on that morning. We know all this – yet we don’t always abide by it. We are constantly inundated with media that tells us differently. So we begin to believe it all and shut down our very knowing! We strive to be and do more. We reach high and work crazy hours to get the much needed acknowledgement that we know we so deserve ad crave.

 Then a moment happens – Someone smiles at us or says something kind out of context; We get a cuddle by our loved one; We walk into the office and know that we belong as our associate gives you that understanding look; You volunteer at the charity you believe in and your day brightens; That little child next door waves as you pass; your pet comes for a love…

And you know for sure – it is the heart stuff that makes us that good acceptable person. It is when our hearts have compassion; empathy and love. We feel good when we make a difference to someone else or to something else. We become different when we give of that inner part of ourselves … We may feel vulnerable – we do feel real. We realise that being authentic is what makes us into a human being that we can be proud of.

And then we are driven to get involved .. To show that we are good and actually to do it for once – for ourselves. We smile more; love more and touch other’s lives more. The most important realisation is that it does nt take much – it can happen in a moment when that laugh breaks through the darkness and that love allows a gentle tear. Being involved does not mean hours on end – it means making a decision to make the world a little nicer and friendlier. Its means compassion, love and empathy.

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