Being at Skoll

This journey always starts with trepidation – will I actually be invited? Will that much desired invitation appear in my inbox? To receive an invitation to attend Skoll is the first aspect to the excitement. When it arrives my blood pressure raises and all of a sudden the journey begins.

The app is explicit and professional in all manner of speaking. From the attendees to the sessions, through to how to connect and meet with all these superb individuals who will be attending. It takes both focus and skill to arrange the 3 day intensive with so much going on and at the same time with so much that you would still like to fit in! you become the best ever self-event manager. Being an Ashoka Fellow complicates this even more and at the same time makes it feel like home away from home. There are added sessions and opportunities to attend dinners and functions and the honour to actually speak on a panel!

Yes my excitement and joy is ultimate in this very special place called Oxford! There are a few confirmed definites –

  • The days will start at approximately 7am and go through to midnight.
  • I will meet exemplary people doing amazing things in the world.
  • People will understand what I am actually saying and will know the challenges and joys that I face daily back at home.
  • I will feel inspired, overwhelmed and I will be at a loss for words many times as I grapple with how best to explain my life and work in order to partner in some positive way moving forward.

FullSizeRender copyArriving in Oxford is surreal – like walking back in time and at the same time I can sense the cutting edge manner of everyone who is walking the streets. Walking into the Said Business School lifts this to another level again – Skoll creates a space where no matter who you are, the tangible sense of a movement is everywhere. The movement is one that so many are trying their unconditional best at making the world a better place for all to live in. They are all committed, curious, dedicated and are adamant to find solutions and support no matter what. No one quite knows all the answers yet they are all making sure they try to get to the next step in finding them.

Yes it feels comfortable and safe to be who I am here.

Yes – the sharing, caring, understanding, brainstorming, learning, connections and meetings all make Skoll into a space that I treasure. It brings me perspective and a yearning to do more in the best way possible. It adds to my experiences with sustainable impact – after all is that not what we are all looking to do and embody? It is an honor and privilege to attend.

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