When the world makes you feel insecure…

When the world makes you feel insecure …

There are those days when the universe sends you a message that you are just not good enough! You are not doing enough!

It takes a moment to realize the universe had nothing to do with it! Something tapped into a spot within you that triggered an insecurity. 

As much as we believe we have worked through so much in our lives there are still layers that we have not penetrated. As we grow up there are times that leave their mark on our psyche and emotions. 

It is when these are triggered that we need to draw from our inner strength and wisdom that supports our knowing. No one can make us feel bad or insecure if we hold ourselves with integrity, vulnerability and authenticity. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Every being has life challenges. This is simply the human journey. 

Try love and compassion – it’s the only way to dissipate fear and insecurity.